About us

Foundation Constitution – PDF

YAPCA is currently an organisation run by a group of dedicated and committed youth who hope to establish YAPCA as a leading charity for youth affairs. The target audience of YAPCA is primarily going to be the youth, between the ages of 14-17, who appear to be the most vulnerable to the subjections of peer pressure in regard to the interaction and viewpoint of the police.

This organisation is an ambitious one which has large and far reaching aims. In the summer of 2015, we hope to have successfully launched two projects that we believe could have a direct impact in mending police and youth relations. We aim to do this by: 1) Hosting a 12-borough, widespread football tournament across London; whereby the youth will have a chance to play against the police. This will take place in a 5-a-side setting where the winning team of each borough, whether it be the police or youth team, will represent the borough and play to the finals.                                                               2) Welcoming all groups to a summit, open to all ideas or queries a person may have towards the police, to dispel any unwanted myths.

These projects are only made possible by the help of Sonia Brown and for that reason YAPCA would like to thank all the support and faith she has placed in us, as well as all those that are assisting our cause.
YAPCA would like to thank The Heathrow Community Fund: Inspiring Youth Project and The Challenge Network for providing essential guidance and support, both financially and practically through their social action campaign project.
If you would like to get involved with YAPCA, particularly if you can offer financial and practical support in the future we would love to hear from you.  Please email  ali.gowie@yapca.org